NFTS Game Jam II: The Revenge

NFTS Games recently began hosting in-house game jams where other departments in the school are invited to team up with games students. In its Second 2017 jam, the Games Design and Development department invited students from the Creative Producing for Digital Platforms course to team up with us. This game jam didn’t have a theme, but it’s condition was that the game had to include multiplayer features as well as both a digital and a physical component.

Below are some images from my team’s result, created in two days by a team of six people.

My role: Artist and animator

Collaborators: David Cecil (programmer), Hannah Burdett (physical component producer, artist, card crafter), Joel Marshall(digital component producer, programmer, UI integration, audio integration), Tara Jasminaz (card crafter), and Oredola “Dola” Agunbiade(card crafter).


The app, recorded in terrible quality, for your enjoyment:

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