2D Games in Unity

Just a quick drop-in to show what I’m watching today. I’m just about to start a Kelley Hecker’s online course, Scripting Unity with C#. After, I’ve got Jesse Freeman’s Unity 5 2D Essential Training lined up. After that, I’ll either move on to 3D in Unity, or do a re-cap of Maya. But for now, I give you this very interesting video below 🙂


And these pretty cool games made with Unity’s 2D features (first one looks so good, I had to put in two vids). I highly advice you to check out the very last one below, it looks crazy cool!

Jenny LeClue (2015, dev. Mografi). Features a living world and a protagonist character, Jenny, who sets out to prove her mother innocent of a murder accusation.

The look of Sequenced: Land 52 (2015, dev. Apelab) reminds me a bit about Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984, dir. Hayao Miyazaki). This game is the first in a row of planned 360 degree spatial exploration games.

Oddwings (2015, dev. Small Giant Games).

“The Evil Dr. Rooster has captured all kinds of birds and animals into his sinister laboratory up in the mountains, and he’s conducting evil experiments on them to learn how to fly himself.” (Oddwings.com)

Clockwork (2015, dev. Gamesoft Pty Ltd.) is a stunning steam punk-looking game. In a city of time, every second is precious. This game will be out for Xbox One , PS4, Apple and Android. A lonely mechanical boy who spends his life fixing aspects of a great mechanical city discovers hope that someone might be able to fix the city once and for all. Check out some of their concept art >>here<<.