Cool showreels

Today is the day for crafting my showreel. I should have done this ages ago. But I hadn’t been born yet, and neither had editing software.

Thus, I think today is a good day to make my showreel, so that I don’t look back two ages from now and say the same thing. I have seen tons (tens) of good showreels, but I have no idea what the principles behind a good one is. This is what I’m researching now. Below are some inspiring reels, and some interesting articles to check out if you’re after the same things I am. Hope you enjoy!



This one is not a showreel, but it works in somewhat the same way. It’s clear, it shows exactly what the guy did, and it’s entertaining to watch:


CreativeBloq: Build the perfect showreel: 10 top tips

Premium Beat: 6 ways to make your showreel or demo stand out