Course 1 completed!

Hello hello!

Haven’t been in here for a while! Things have been crazy busy since I got back to Norway. I landed in Stavanger at 11.30PM, got back home around 2.30AM. Started a new job at 9.00AM the next morning. -But this is not really my excuse for being absent…

I started a new course while waiting for my plane at Heathrow: Foundations of Programming: Fundamentalstaught by Simon Allardice. I found it to be the perfect course for starting out, knowing absolutely nothing about programming beforehand. The course uses JavaScript as an example, but touches on other languages too. I’ve just completed it today, and I’m very, very excited to get started in Unity!

[but] before I get started in Unity, I need to do a quick C# introduction. At the moment I’m deciding between two courses, both courses look great, so I guess it all depends on which one suits the stage I’m in at this moment.

And just to be weird and post my certificate:FoundationsofProgramming-Fundamentals_CertificateOfCompletion