Creative Assembly GameJam 2016


This April I was lucky enough to get a spot in the Creative Assembly GameJam, held at EGX Rezzed. I highly recommend Rezzed to anyone interested in games, whether you’re a maker, a player, or both for that matter. If you’re dreaming of getting into the games industry, you should check out next year’s GameJam when that rolls around again. You’ll meet a whole lot of crazy-talented and interesting people, most of which are already working on their own projects. I can’t recommend it enough! And if I’m super, super lucky, I’ll be there next year too 🙂

The Jam lasted for eight hours. At this point I had no clue whatsoever about code, so I mainly stuck to the art side of things. Below are some of the assets I painted.


We’ll start off with the environment. I’m slightly struggling to remember the main theme of the Jam, but I think it was flux. It had three sub-themes which were somewhere along the lines of sound, fluidity aaaand… Arh, I can’t remember. I should have posted this ages ago.



The project’s art direction drew inspiration from the beautiful flow and spontaneous strokes of impressionist paintings. Our game was titled Tidal, and featured a fragile paper plane making its way through a thunderstorm.

Character animation(I think you need to click the image):


character_anim2And at last, some keyframes:

Paper Plane Up copy Paper Plane Fly copy Paper Plane Dive

I painted the environment assets based on the drawings below by my team mate, Bryn Collom. Our other peeps were George Cheal, Matej Navara and one more, top secret person.


Huge thanks to Creative Assembly and EGX Rezzed for putting this all together. Boss.