Hello Word 2: More Moodboards!

So, our very deep and highly thematic pitch got mildly slaughtered yesterday, for the greater good. In our race to connect a narrative to the environment we were pitching, we’d sort of neglected the environment idea. Well, not neglected, but what we pitched as a gameworld was far too abstract for an assignment intended to teach us 3D modelling. Thus, we started over.

We didn’t start over. Not entirely, anyways. We stuck with the train, but threw out the narrative. I’m convinced the narrative will rest in the back of our minds until we pitch our grad project ideas. Everyone will, in one way or another, have a protagonist alchoholic seeking redemption on a train.For now, however, we’re simply modelling an Art Deco train from the 1930’s. I like it.

Moodboard_05_post copy

Our train will have nine carriages: a restaurant, a bar, a first class seating, a second class seating, a sleeper car, an engine and driver’s compartment carriage, a lounge car, a mailroom car, and a back carriage with huge windows.  I’m on the post carriage, so I’ve been gathering references for that.

Moodboard_05_propsWe’ve also been assigned individual team roles within the production. I’m the prop person! So, I spent some hours yesterday researching 1930’s travel accessories and props we could use to clutter and personalise the train.