Hello World 1: Moodboards

So, lately here in the NFTS Games 1st year lab, we’ve been busy developing the concept for our first project. Hello World, as it is titled, is a 3D modelling exercise where all nine of us get together in a group to design a gameworld. After a lot of brainstorming, we landed on creating a gameworld within a moving train, and to focus on limbo as a theme. To kickstart the inspirational fase, we decided that each of us would come up with moodboards of alternatives of visual expression and style.


Both moodboards focus on visual symbolism surrounding unclarity, like having the windows slightly tinted or dirtied up so you can only see silhouettes of the world outside the train.

The first moodboard transfers the idea of limbo over to a broken down train: something that has lost its purpose of life, yet still exists, thus is trapped in a situation of not knowing what will happen next.

moodboard_04 copy

The second moodboard takes in a brighter colour palette, and puts a strong emphasis on the playfulness of shadow puppetry. The idea was that the “real” of the outside world would be portrayed as the “imaginary” due to its lack of clarity/ presence of abstract forms.


moodboard_shadowpuppets 2