KittonBud production art

So I’m giving my first game a go! I’ve been developing the visual concept in my sketchbook throughout the last week, and today after work I sat down and plotted it all into Photoshop. The point of making this game is mainly to gain experience using Unity, and put my programming studies into practice so that they won’t slip out my ear while I’m dosing off.

I’m really enjoying the Unity tutorials I’m doing. It’s absolutely brilliant. The coding stuff is really cool as well. I found JacaScript a lot easier to learn than I’m finding C#, but oh well, it’s still fine 🙂

KittonBud chart

KittonBud LVL1 (3)



KittonBud is a hungry cat who’s willing to go through any environment in order to feast. In level I, he paddles through a river and eats fish.

KittonBud LVL2(3)

In level II, he climbs up a tree and eats birds.
KittonBud LVL3 (3)

In level III, he paddles through outer space and eats aliens.

Interface sheet


KittonBud’s goal is to get full. As he shuffles around to snack, his oxygen level drops. The player has to keep KittonBud’s oxygen level up by collecting the blue arrows. On the contrary, the pink arrows will cause the oxygen level to sink.