Method to the Madness

I was dogsitting yesterday. I got up early. I sort of had nothing to do, so I thought I’d continue on an After Effects course I’ve been taking at

Then this one popped up under the “New Courses” section:



The Monster Drawing Workshop is a recorded live workshop taugh by¬†Von Glitschka. He teaches, as it is formulated, “The method to the madness”. In other words, how to think when designing your monster.


I wasn’t actually planning on participating, I just wanted to watch it through, but I got really inspired from watching everyone draw, so I began doodling down some thumbnails.

Dino the Chubster

As I was dogsitting at someone else’s place, I didn’t have brown card to work with. But the cover of my sketchbook just happened to be just the right fit.

Method to the Madness 3

And so it was, that Dino the Chubster came to be.

Method to the Madness 2


Published today in collaboration with my lovely assistant.

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