Myst (1993)

Today I’m parked at a cafe, reading The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design (2007, Dille, F. and Platten, J. Z.). I’m researching how to write a structured game proposal, but I keep getting distracted by all of the amazing games that are mentioned in this book (it’s worth a read!).


Myst (1993, dev. Miller, R. and Miller, R.) is one of these distractions. The authors write:

 Myst is one of the most memorable and influential games from this era. It was a sweet, naive time when ‘repurposing assets’ became the key buzzwords.” (p.12).

Obviously I had to google screenshots.

Myst is an exploratory adventure puzzle game, bringing the player along on a first person journey through an interactive game world. The images below are collected from various sources through a Google image search. If you’re interested, I highly recommend this article: Myst and the Art of Creation by Gamechurch.

Note: I’m not entirely sure, but I think most of the images below are from sequels of the 1993 release. I haven’t played it yet (but I will!).