“Out of Reach” development sketches

Our final 1st Year module at NFTS Games Design and Development is called Moments of Consequence. Teams consist of one student from Games, one from Screenwriting, one from Producing, one from Sound Design, and one from Composing.

Our team’s idea changed quite drastically throughout production, going from a story of a hunter and a shaman set in forest scene, to a father-daughter conflict in a New York warehouse apartment. I’ll share some screenshots of the initial prototype in a later post, but for now I thought it would be fun to publish some development sketches.

In the early stages of this project, our team was working with the above character concept of a small and a larger character. One was to be an injured hunter, the other a shaman. The sketches below were used to decide on which would be which.

In the early stages, we were imagining a stylized forest setting for the game. Below are some color treatments, and a concept for the shaman’s hut.

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