RayTale Update



It’s been a while since the final presentation of App Factory. We broke off for summer, I went to Norway for work, and now I’m back at NFTS with a still half-finished game. It will be finished, though, and that’s why I’m writing this update.

If all goes as planned, RayTale will be uploaded to Google Play towards the end of May 2018. The current level design isn’t working, so I’m scrapping it and starting completely from scratch. There will be more and clearer levels. I’m contemplating on adding a few more coral types, for better gameplay progression.

What else… Oh! So far testers haven’t gotten the point of the totems. So, I’m adding a bit of subtle explanation for this. And, as always, there will probably be more add-ons along the way. For now, I just wanted to chuck you an update.

If you’re interested in testing the game, pop me an email on benitakvinlaug@gmail.com with the subject line “QA RayTale”. I’d love to hear from you.