Speculative office design project




This is a project I am incredibly excited about! Someone asked me to draw up a proposal for an office, seminar and activity building. Note, not to design it, just to draw up a proposal of what could be in it and how it could look. But, since I’m currently learning Maya, and I have to make a 3D model, I thought I would make this a design project. The space is for educational purposes, focusing on language and culture.

I started by gathering some references into a moodboard. In the beginning I was imagining an entirely modern, white building with some hip-funky-dunky neon colours. Then I came across vintage interior design, and I came to think of converted barns. So, the idea now is to use the base of the traditional Norwegian barn design, combined with modern glass buildings and smart interior spaces.

Moodboard copy

Below are some results after playing around in Photoshop with an idea for a waiting area. I thought the world map could indicate unity between nations and just a funky view of the world. I like the word funky.

Concept world map wall 1

Concept world map 4

Concept world map 4 with furniture

Concept world map 3

Concept world map 2

Concept 1

Here’s another idea for a “wall of words”. I thought it would be cool if we had it painted in chalkboard paint, so people could add their own wisdom to it.

Concept wall of words

skisser 02 dag 1 skisser 06 dag 1

And then for the exterior:

Exterior moodboard

skisser 03 dag 1 skisser 04 dag 1 skisser 05 dag 1