Sunday Dev Log #2: Let there be oil!

This week has been all about painting level kit pieces, fixing prefabs, making tutors cry, and dropping oil bubbles into the coral reef.

So we have this player character. It doesn’t have a name yet, or a sex. Pop me a message if you’ve got some suggestions.

Electric Ray Painted copy

Because of an oil leak, the young character has gotten separated from its pack (memo to myself: check if Stingrays have packs). Being surrounded by oil in the open waters, it enters a cave for refuge. Oil Bubs follow the character into the cave and kills the soft coral (yes, soft) it swam through in the entrance. The coral is now rock solid, making it impossible for the character to get back out.

Now, having to find another way out f the cave, the ray discovers a totem providing it with the ability to revitalize a specific type of coral. Needless to say, not the type that’s blocking the entrance.

Coral and totems

Development sketch for coral and corresponding totems. They won’t look like this. But they will look like something.

The character will discover different totems throughout the cave. Each totem provides the ability to heal a corresponding coral.

Oil Bubs can cause damage to the character, but don’t you worry, child. The player character can heal these evil Oil Bubs with the zap of its fingers. Or tail, or whatever.

(Gif… (cough)… must… be clicked… to play…)



So what next? – Stay tuned for next Sunday. And thanks for reading! 🙂

If you’re interested in playtesting, please give me a shout at, and I’ll send you an email when the time comes.