TravelPix: Säffle, Sweden

There was a documentary filmmaking workshop running during Awesome Bergman, Fårö. I attended a different workshop, but the results of the documentary workshop got me very inspired. I felt like storming out to Fårö taking pictures. And so I did. Then on the drive back, I began considering the things I had photographed. They were all details, colour contrasts, things that inhabitants of the area would probably not stop to notice. Just as I don’t stop to notice details in places which to me are familiar.

Thus, I set myself a goal: to discover the beauty in familiar places. I began with Säffle, the small-ish city I’ve visited my grandmother in every summer since I was nine. Very little has changed in these soon to be 15 years, and I just so happened to be headed there straight after the Awesome Bergman seminar. As a sunny day came around, I gripped my chance and camera and headed towards the city centre. I wanted to photograph the architecture, but as I was walking, I kept noticing bugs and colourful trash pass me by. As a result, these became the beautiful details of my photographs.

My memory card also has some cool pictures of an extraordinary mansion, which I will post once ready for the public. For now, here are some bugs, trash and things of nature: