I used to be the person who giggled when people posted ‘updates’ on their blog, as if that was something I would want to read. Then again, I was also the person really interested in reading them, so I suppose I was laughing at myself.

Now that you’ve read my life story, let’s look at some updates…

1) Why is DrawChal (where is the hashtag on a Mac keyboard?) at a standstill?

DrawChal was something I started because I wanted to keep busy and learn something new. About a week ago I was lucky enough to get invited to an interview for the MA course Games Design and Development at the National Film and Television School (20 second dance party). Yesterday I went to this interview. The selection panel wanted me to try out a few things:

– Unity

– Autodesk Maya (or another 3D software).

I used Maya and Pixologic’s ZBrush a bit last year, so I have a faint grip on the interfaces. However, I want to send in something good, so I have decided to stop DrawChal for the time being. But DrawChal is something I really enjoyed, so I will definitely restart it after I get a grip on Unity and Maya. In the meanwhile, I’ll be posting progression stuff for (drum roll please…) – my first ever game – !!!  I’ve been watching Unity tutorials all morning, and it looks amazing. There’s a bit of maths I have to catch up on, but it doesn’t seem too tricky (so far). If you’re interested in learning Unity, here are the resources I’m using:

Unity3D.com (free)

Unity 5 2D Essential Training w/ Jesse Freeman (Lynda.com membership)

Unity 5 3D Essential Training w/ Adam Crespi (Lynda.com membership)

A Lynda.com membership is around £375 per year I think, but if you’re in for learning lots of software and want quality tutorials, I highly, highly, highly recommend it. I’ve done Photoshop tutorials, AfterEffects, Maya, ZBrush, Adobe Flash Professiona, Screenwriting Fundamentals, 2D Animation Principles and lots of other really cool courses, their library is insane.

I guess there is no point 2). But if you made it through, thank you for taking an interest in my updates. You are a good person, give yourself a pat on the back and a kiss on the cheek.

Unity interface tutorial. Unity3d.com

Unity interface tutorial. Unity3d.com